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02 August 2011 @ 02:22 pm
Gackt Munich 01.08.2011  

I was really surprised when I heard that Gackt would come back to europe for a tour this year. But it was so great!

Last year I was in Munich too, but alone.
My friend kyko_camui didn‘t get a ticket but she wasn’t sad about this. ^^’ But she promised me to go with me together, if Gackt comes back to Germany.
So I bought this year two tickets for Munich.

On 30th July my Dad and I drove to Kyko‘s home to pick her up.
Saturday evening and Sunday we were relaxing here at my home.
Last year I drove by myself with the car to Munich (~ 320 km). It was heavy x___X so I asked my father if he would bring us there. And he said yes ♥

So he came on Monday at 01:20 am to pick us up.
I tried to stay awake, I know how hard it is to drive and everyone else is asleep. xD So I talked with my Dad and Kyko slept a bit. ^.~

I think it was nearly 50 km ´till Munich when my Dad asked us if we wanted to take a little rest. It would be the last rest stop at the highway.

So we visit the rest room and walked a bit before we went back to the car.
During our little walk we were talking about Japanese music and the fans. *laugh* Back at the car (my Dad drove slowly across the parking place to get back to the highway) he asked us why all the girls screamed like hell, when they see the band. Kyko and I agreed to it, that there are a few fan girls who would scream and all the others follow them. (I think we said this really strong and grave). My Dad looked at us and nodded (at this point I have to say he came with me last year to the Gackt concert in Munich and saw all the screaming fans). And then he looked out of the side window and said: “Aren’t this the busses from last year?”
We turned around and SCREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAMMMEEEEEDDDDDD!!!!! Oh my god it was so priceless (to quote Kyko).

Kyko jumped out of the driving car (her luck my dad drove really slowly) and ran to the busses. I just sat there in the car and stared at the busses and couldn‘t believe it. OMFG there were the Tour busses!!!!!!


“Come on get out, catch Kyko and take some photos. I will drive to the front and wait there.”
Yeah so I ran together with Kyko to the front and took some pictures. She wanted to knock on the door. *laugh* But we didn’t. (I always say such stupid thing like “Pssst silent, they are sleeping” or “You can’t do THIS!”) Now I’m a bit annoyed about myself. I was so …excited (in German I would say “durch den Wind”) that I didn‘t use this situation. -___- Forgot to take a picture of me and the busses (was to shy and this is somehow dumb…b/c there were only some busses no person and so on…) but anyway I was so happy! There really were the tour busses and Gackt!

After a few minutes we were back at the car, I think in his thoughts my father was laughing loud. LOL Yeah the tour busses~ and if I’m honest the best thing was that Kyko freaked out. *laugh* B/c you remember, she didn‘t likes Gackt anymore… or so but anyway she freaked out together with me. *laugh* I was happy :3

Okay back at the car and at the highway my Dad told us that there was light at the second bus and he saw somebody at the window…. Dad I really love you and I’m so thankful for all the things you do for me. But at this moment I just wanted to kill you -___-

“OMG back! Drive back!” LOL… he didn‘t (okay you cannot drive back at a highway but at this moment I wished he could!) Maybe there was just the driver at the bus or someone from the staff… but my first thought, was Gackt! He sleeps only a few hours so it’s possible that he is awake at 04:30 am. Maybe he comes out if we wave? Useless, we didn‘t see anyone, we didn‘t wave we just ran like some moron at the parking place and took photos. *laugh*

At 05:20 am we arrived in Munich at the Backstage Werk. I know this location from another concert a few years ago. And I was a little bit shocked because they had rebuilt the neighborhood.
Last year we were an hour later at the hall and there were already ~ 30 fans waiting outside. This year I couldn‘t see anyone at the first sight. I really thought we would be wrong. But at the hall we met two girls ♥

It was really early so we decided to check the neighborhood. So we walked a bit around, found a gas station and many office buildings. 30 minutes later we were back at the hall and saw two new fans. So we were six people.^^ We started with the number system. I was the three (yes I’m proud of it *laugh*)

My Dad decided to walk alone for a bit in the other direction to look for some other gas station or so. We were sitting with the others and talked~ ^__^

An hour later or so Alisa came. A really cute girl from California. It was so much fun with her. Sadly I couldn‘t join in the conversations; my English is too bad for it. But it was nice to hear all the stories from her and the others. Everyone was mostly talking in English.
She asked how we meet Gackt and so on. It’s always interesting.


taken from

So the time passed by and it was already 2 pm? Don’t know the exact time when kira84 arrived at the Backstage Werk.^^ She is a friend from Kyko and I was excited to meet her.

But when she arrived I was sleeping. Sorry ^^’ but I think Kyko was it who woke me up a few minutes later. ^^ So I met Kira, she’s a really cute girl. ♥
And the Muffins she brought were so yummy *___* Thank you!

Most of the time it was really relaxed and fun. I never met so many nice people at a concert. And I still can’t believe it but the number system worked! It was so great, thank you all!
Yeah okay not all people worked together. There are always these few *** who mean they would be something special or so… They are definitely not!
But we all got in. XD I think I forgot so many things to write here, but enough from the waiting time. ^^


Entrance~ and yes we three (Kyko, Kira and me) get to the first row! Yes finally first row at the right side in front of Chacha.
And we had to wait again.^^’

Then the same as last year Gackt’s secretary was speaking. I’m not so happy about it that he called us motherfucker and so dumb things. I mean, do I have to pay to be insulted by them? Okay I think it’s dumb but I knew it from last year. So I just ignored it. XD
Then finally the band (Gackt) came out.

- The end of the day (A new song, release the 12th September)
- Nine Spiral
- Speed Master
- Last Kiss (New Song)
- Episode.0 (More rockish version)
- Mind Forest (English version)
- Môsô Girl (New Song)
- Vanilla
- Justified
- Jesus
- You are the Reason (New Song)
- All my Love (New Song)
- Encore - Uncontrol (YFC version)

(Thanks to tenshin26100)

When I saw them I remembered last year. I was so excited and just screamed, jumped and was happy. But this year it was strange. I was so worried that Kyko wouldn‘t enjoy the concert… *drop* And I didn‘t know the first song. I already knew that it would be a new song and yes to quote Kyko again she hung on the barrier with this face : ô_o

I was not in the mood to make some party. -__- And I was annoyed about myself again.
So I forced myself to have fun. I screamed a bit and jumped.^^ It didn‘t help.

I had the set list in my mind (a little bit) and knew that the next song would be Nine Spiral. And Kyko loves this song… so I looked at her after the first song, they started with Nine Spiral and Kyko freaked out. *laugh* And me a little bit as well. ^^ She was so crazy *laugh* but at that time it was fun, the whole. :3

Speed Master followed and Kyko was back at her ô__o mood… and I was pissed about myself. So I decided to ignore Kyko and have fun. And this time it worked! (Sorry my dear but I didn‘t know what to do otherwise)
So I was jumping, screaming, having fun. Chacha was direct in front of me and he is such a bundle of joy (-> from Kyko too, don’t know how to write it by myself) and I love it to stare at him. XD
Sure I stared at Gackt, too *laugh* but during the first few songs he looked so creepy…^^’ so I looked at Chacha. xD

I don’t remember all the songs… the next I remember was Mind Forest. I love this song and last year I had to cry. Because he sang the refrain in English and I understood what he sang… this year he sang Mind Forest completely in English (maybe last year too? Don’t know it). Somehow I have to agree with Kyko, in Japanese it’s perfect. But I liked it in English, too. So I just enjoyed seeing Gackt at the stage and hear him sing Mind Forest.
Mind Forest was finished and I wished to hear it again.

Next I remember was this funny dance from Gackt and Jon. *laugh* Môsô Girl. I didn‘t know the song. I just dance with them and had fun b/c of this song. It’s a song where you have to smile and have a good mood. Do you know what I mean?

After that Vanilla started. OMG Vanilla! I always wanted to see/ hear this song live. I think the most of us thought of this live were Gackt is sitting in top of You. *laugh* I was really excited to see this song live. Gackt and Jon danced the “Vanilla-Dance”, it was great~ and then Gackt found an ugly bra. Sorry but it was really an ugly bra, I really wondered if I should remove my bra and throw it on stage. LOL but It’s one of my favorite so *laugh* I’ll never do something like this. XD

Yeah Gackt…don’t know how to write in English *sigh* he did this things with the bra you know? And please don’t hit me but I think it’s NOT sexy… maybe I’m prude(???)… but my luck (Gackt‘s definitely not) the bra was hanging on his ass. *laugh* OMG it was so funny. At this time I realized Kyko was laughing as well. XD
I liked Vanilla and the performance and yes I loved it to see the bra hanging there like a tail. HAHAHAHA

*giggly* next song was Justified. I liked it~ I heard this song at the concert last year for the first time.^^

Jesus. Normally I don’t like this song so much. But it’s a perfect concert song. And after hearing the song so often I began to like it.^^ (but the PV is still going me on my nerves)
I loved it to jump and scream “HEY HEY HEY”

But it was the time Gackt started tofalter around. Another thing I knew from last year… but I was hoping that it would be better this year. It wasn’t. Sure he faltered not so much as last year but… I wanted to cry at the time I realized it. At this moment my only thought was, it’s okay, enough we all saw you here again. You make us happy, so it’s okay, go rest. We want to see you again, so rest. And yes I saw the inhalator too and was just shocked. I’m still worried. ,____,
That was the moment where I was really happy to see Jon on stage. He supported Gackt, helped him to stand.

Yes the “Show your heart” song followed. I heard from many people that this song is so beautiful. First I was just happy to hear that this is a calmer song, b/c of Gackt. He stood there at the stage, the hall was dark and only a spotlight shined at Gackt. Yes and then he began to sing. It has been a long time that I heard his voice with so much emotion. I was just touched. At this moment I knew what I had missed for years. I was close to tears.
All my love is really a beautiful song.

At the end of the song I saw something beside me and looked at Kyko. I never saw her crying like this. She shook and cried and cried. I was worried and huged her, but I think she didn‘t realize me. And Kira comforted her as well so I looked back at the stage.
After the song they left the stage. Only one song was left now. It made me sad, because I knew it would be a long time till I would see them all again.

I don’t know when but Kyko got a plectrum from Chacha.^^ and Kira too. I’m happy for them (but a bit sad that I didn‘t get one, too).

While the others screamed for an encore, Kyko was somehow back to be fine… a little bit. Yeah and then the last song, Uncontrol. I was glad that Gackt looked a little bit better than a few minutes ago.^^ So I enjoyed the last song.

Oh one of the best things ever!
Gackt came to our side and some girls touched his hand. He was going back but reached his hand out one more time. I couldn‘t reach him so I gave up. One second later there was Kyko, hanging on top of the barrier / half at the stage and TOUCHED his hand! This was one of these priceless moments. I think it were 5 / 6 seconds and then Gackt went back to the middle of the stage. I pulled Kyko back behind the barrier. I think if I wouldn’t have done so she would have felt between the barrier and the stage.
Crazy girl, but I love her. XD

And the best from the whole concert for me ^///^
I was looking at Chacha (screaming, jumping as always XD) and then he looked at me and smiled. I just smiled back and then he blew a kiss to me.
I have no plectrum from Chacha but I have a kiss ^///^ somehow *laugh* I’m still so happy about it.

And yes I streaked his hand.^^ Chacha was the last one who left the stage. He threw some stuff and yes then it was over.
After some minutes we were leaving the hall, and met Kiras mother. Sadly we didn’t have much time, because my Dad was waiting for us at his car. And I know he is always worried about me / us. So we had to say goodbye. ,_____, But we promised each other to see us again, at the latest at the next Gackt concert.

Yes it was great. I have met some great people. Saw Gackt again (and Chacha ♥) and was just happy.
Now I just hope to see them again, soon.

Here is my first report from Munich in german

Thank you so much for your hard work kyko_camui!
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